We believe that as the process of Masonic education is a two-way path, senior Masons as well as the youngest Master Masons share the commonsquare_compass_logo commitment of perfecting and passing on the same experience that binds our gentle fraternity together.

The Masonic Instructors’ and District Lecturers’ (M.I. & D.L.) Club is committed to helping ALL Master Masons succeed as ritualistic participants. Brethren from Lodges throughout Northwest Iowa join together monthly to continue the tradition of fellowship and Craft Masonry. At this Lodge of Instruction, we make our way through a specific Masonic degree while instructors help each member of the cast become better acquainted with ritual delivery and floor work.

If you are an officer at your Blue Lodge and would like to brush up on your ritual, we highly recommend your attendance at our gentle Club. If you are starting out in Masonry and would like to learn more about the ritual and how its performed, we also recommend your attendance and welcome your involvement. If you have not been to a Blue Lodge in a while, we certainly look forward to reuniting together as Masons!

Our Club meets on a monthly basis (Fourth Wednesday) at 6:30 PM for dinner, and 7:30 PM for instruction, at the Morningside Masonic Temple at 4110 Morningside Avenue, Sioux City, Iowa 51106 with the exception of July, August, and December.

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