What are the Membership Requirements?

helpTwenty-two words from our Entered Apprentice Degree establish the most important prerequisite to becoming a Mason.  “…we receive none, knowingly, into our ranks who are not moral and upright before God and of good repute before the world…”

Under Iowa Masonic law, a person seeking membership must be a man at least 18 years of age and a resident of Iowa for at least six months immediately prior to petitioning.

Further, he must profess his belief in the existence of a Supreme Being, by whatever name He may be known.  Membership in the Masonic Fraternity must be of one’s own free will and accord.

A man possessing those qualifications and being desirous of becoming Freemason need only ask his Masonic friend for a membership petition.  The petition form, having been completed and signed by two members of the lodge petitioned, is read at a meeting of the lodge.  A committee of three is appointed to call on and visit with the petitioner and his family that they might become acquainted with the organization and its activities.  After the committee reports back to the lodge, the petition is voted on by the members and, if accepted, the aspirant begins the process of becoming a Mason.