How do Masons help others?

squareThe basic premise of Freemasonry is “The Brotherhood of Man — under the Fatherhood of God.”  With that thought uppermost in mind, Masons strive to learn how better to serve that “brotherhood of man” — charitably — not just with money (although a recent survey revealed that over two million Masonic dollars are contributed every day to Masonic philanthropies) but also through actions and deeds.

The Masons of Iowa own and operate two of the finest Masonic Homes in the world and they also support an extensive Field Financial Aid Program which extends the hand of brotherly love and concern to many Iowans each year.

At the other end of the spectrum, Masons help, believe in, and support young people through exciting scholarship and student loan programs.  Since 1970, student scholarships have been presented to deserving Iowa public high school seniors.  These scholarships represent a significant voluntary contribution by the Masons of Iowa.

Additional dollars are also loaned to students in college — a program of the Iowa Masonic charitable Educational Corporation.

Many individual lodges also support a number of local worthwhile community projects helping groups and individuals.