Attica Lodge No. 502 – 417 Evans Street Sloan, IA 51055

Pipe Cleaner Buffet Saturday, July 7

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Masonry began in Sloan in 1882 when several masons living in the Sloan, Salix, Sergeant Bluff and Hornick area met in a farm house north of Sloan. By 1888 the number of masons living in the area had increased and an organization was perfected; Officers was selected and a request was made to the Grand Lodge of Iowa for a dispensation, which was granted November 9, 1888. They held their first meeting November 13, 1888. They operated under dispensation until June 5, 1889 at which time they were granted their Charter from the Grand Lodge of Iowa which they are still operating under.

The first four years they held their meetings on he second floor of a store. In 1892 a new brick two story building was completed in Sloan and the lodge sub-leased the upper story for $75.00 a year, where many area men received their first introduction into Masonry.

The members who composed the lodge during this period were noted for their fine spirit of fellowship and interest in lodge affairs. All of the members were very active in attendance and the work. Stories were told of brothers who walked five to six miles during severe weather in order to not miss a meeting. Others drove in with teams from Sergeant Bluff, Salix and surrounding farm homes.

In 1912 the membership had outgrown their present meeting location. After much debate and investigation they purchased the old Flour Mill, remodeled it into a lodge. The new building increased activity in the lodge and many new candidates were initiated in the period from 1913 until the outbreak of the World War. Following the return of the doughboys, lodge affairs again picked up and much interest was manifested until the depression in 1929. (Taken from “History of Attica Lodge” by A.F. Hendee, Secretary 1937)

The present lodge was constructed at 418 Evans Street with the Corner Stone being laid April 29, 1994 by Most Worshipful Master Paul H. Wieck, Grand Master of Masons in Iowa 1993/94. Attica Lodge is presently very active within the community and programs at the community school through their fund- raising efforts. They present at least four $1,250.00 scholarships each year to graduating seniors of the Westwood Community High School and often more if their fund-raising is successful enough. They support the Sloan Fire Department, Westwood Athletic Boosters Club, Westwood Music Department, Westwood After Prom Party as well as many Masonic Programs. They also contribute too many needy causes as they are brought to their attention as well as volunteering their service when the need arises.

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