anthologyb  An Anthology of Presentations –

Presentations by some of the Founding Members of the lodge. An great source for educational programs  at lodge.

goatcov The Goat, the Devil, and the Freemason

Author: David West



The Study Club, Volume One: “The Work of the Lodge”

The Study Club, Volume Two: “The First Steps”

The Study Club, Volume Three: “The 2nd and 3rd Steps”

The Study Club, Volume Four: “The Teachings of Freemasonry”

The Study Club Volume Five: Book 1 “Chapters of Masonic History – Book 2 “Studies of Freemasonry in the United States”

Complier :WB  George Harrison, PGML Iowa

These books were created from “The Builder Magazine” published by National Masonic Research Society,  Anamosa, IA in the early 1900s. This series is a must have for every Masonic enthusiast.

quest The Quest for Light:
Masonic Essays of Wallace McLeod  (Just a few available)
the-masons-words-cover The Mason’s Words:
The History and Evolution of the American Masonic Ritual – Noted by the Masonic Service Association as one of the finest books ever written.

Author: Robert G. Davis, GC



solomon Solomon’s Builders:
Freemasons, Founding Fathers, and the Secrets of Washington DC

Author: Christopher Hodapp

manhood Understanding Manhood in America:
Freemasonry’s Enduring Path to the Mature Masculine

Author: Robert G. Davis, GC



abcs The ABC of Freemasonry: A Book for Beginners

Author: Delmar D. Darrah – Although written in the early 1900s this is an excellent book for newly made Masons.

clarkshist Clark’s History of Freemasonry in Iowa


This book is available from the Grand Lodge of Iowa at a cost of $10.00

oldtiler Old Tiler Talks

by Carl H. Claudy

This is conversation between a new Mason and the Old Tiler at the door. Excellent for education programs.

goodofthe For the Good of the Order:
Examining the Shifting Paradigm within Freemasonry

Author: John Bizzack, Ph.D.



hutssheds Huts & Sheds:
The Journey of Freemasonry from Western Europe to the Republic of Texas


Author: Howard R. Stewart, M.D.