wolcottIn Masonic Circles, ‘brother’ has a deep meaning. What a bond of friendship is contained in this little word. We pass the degrees with their meaningful lessons. We try to live up to their precepts. Helping brothers across the ‘sands’ consumes time and energy.

We do so because we love Masonry. In 1920, Brother Rev. E.C. ‘Wally’ Wolcott, at the time secretary of the YMCA and former pastor of Mayflower Congregational Church, conceived an idea. Aside from the work, do we not crave a common meeting place to enjoy friendship and relaxation? But where and how? A small group began meeting at the ‘Y’. From this small group came the dream of many Masons, meeting together at weekly luncheons for fellowship and interesting programs. The idea spread across the nation. There are now 300 High Twelve Clubs in the United States, England, Japan, and Canada. Sioux City proudly retains the title of Founder’s Club No. 1.

Brother Wally passed away on Nov. 6, 1975 in St. Louis. His body was returned to Sioux City for a funeral service in the Mayflower Congregational Church and burial in Graceland Park Cemetery. High Twelve International has its headquarters in St. Louis.

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