Our Mission

In response to a long-standing and growing need for, and a renewed interest in the iafmesoteric, philosophical and symbolic teachings of Masonry among the Craft, the Sioux City Valley of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish is proud to sponsor the Masonic Research Network.

Iowa Freemasonry has long been preeminent in Masonic education, it being the home of The National Masonic Research Society (1915 – 1932), the Masonic Service Association of North America (1918 – Present), the Iowa Academy of Masonic Knowledge (2013 – Present) and the Grand Lodge of Iowa Library located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  It is our desire to continue this tradition.

As so thoughtfully covered by Stephen A. Dafoe, in his paper Reading, Writing, and Apathy: The Rise and Fall of Masonic Education (Heredom, Vol 14, 2006, Scottish Rite Research Society), a great dearth exists today in materials to educate the masons; “fluff and filler” has become the norm in Masonic publications.

Our humble attempt is to resurrect selections from historic Masonic publications to stimulate interest in Masonry. We invite you to become part of this resurgence in Masonic Education.


Membership is reserved for only Qualified Brother Master Masons


Free Membership Includes:

  • Access to Masonic publications:
    • Symbolism & Philosophy
    • Law & Jurisprudence
    • Masonic History
    • Masonic Leadership
    • Lodge Activities
    • Masonic studies, etc.
  • Book/Article Reviews
  • Quizzes
  • Threaded discussions
  • Photo Gallery
  • And much more…


Membership Requirements




Not a Freemason?  Interested in joining the fraternity?

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