Why join?

enterReasons for Master Masons to Join!

» The Scottish Rite offers an unsurpassed field for study.

» It inculcates patriotism, love of the flag, respect for law and order, and undying loyalty to constitutional government.

» It presents an unexcelled opportunity for the practical demonstration of the teachings of Freemasonry.

» It enjoins on every brother the support of the American public school, non-partisan, non-sectarian, efficient, democratic, for all the children of all the people; equal educational opportunities for all.

» It gives you a fellowship in its literature, with the deepest minds and purest characters of Freemasonry.

» It gives you a greater incentive to higher thoughts and nobler deeds, because of the greater knowledge of your responsibilities and the history of the institutions of the Scottish Rite.

» It creates within you a greater love for chivalry, a greater respect for philosophy, and a never-ending love for your mother lodge.

—Educational News.