How does a Reunion work?

srlrThe Scottish Rite is divided into four bodies, each conferring its own degrees. The Lodge of Perfection confers the 4th through the 14th.  Of these the 4th and 14th are required. The Chapter of Rose Croix confers the 15th through the 18th, of which only the 18th is required. The Council of Kadosh confers the 19th through the 30th degrees.  The 30th degree is required. The Consistory of Masters of the Royal Secret confers the 31 st and 32nd degrees. The 32nd is required.

While Reunions cover a two weekend period, it is possible for those who cannot take two consecutive weekends off to take the degrees over two or more Reunions.

Call the Scottish Rite office at 712-258-7511 for more information.

The favorite past-time for many members of the Sioux City Scottish Rite is working at the Reunions.  Over 200 members are needed to make the Reunion work.  Areas of activity include:

Ritual – these men, selected for their ability to portray the degrees of Scottish Rite Masonry are the actors that confer the degrees.  Guy Posey, 33*, is the current Director of the Work.  He has a staff of five assistant directors who help direct more than 200 parts that make up the dozen or more degrees conferred each Reunion.

Craft – many of the degrees require “extras” who are essential to the portrayal of a degree.  Known as “The Craft,” these men take on work in many degrees in a variety of roles.

Wardrobe – this crew helps the cast costume up for a degree and watches over hundreds of costumes used in the degrees.

Properties – this crew is responsible for the set up and tear down of the sets used to stage the degrees.

Electrical – manning the main switchboard, these men bring “further light to Masonry” by lighting the sets.

Tylers – as with Blue Lodge, the Tyler’s crew watch the outer doors of the Scottish Rite.  They also greet the members and make them feel welcome.

Refreshments – With breaks, dinner on Fridays, breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturdays, this is a never ending, but rewarding job.

Hospitality – assist the Chef and his assistants in serving the meals at the Reunion.

Class Directors – these men watch over and direct the activities of the class during the Reunion.

Music – consists of five professional musicians.  Their outstanding talents and professionalism is a wonderful addition to the ritualistic work.

Knights of Saint Andrew – This dedicated group of selected 32* Masons help in ever aspect of all Scottish Rite activities.