A Mason’s Oath

When you took your Masonic obligations you promised to be a proper example to others, live with honor, integrity and to assist those in need.  This campaign provides all Scottish Rite Masons an opportunity to fulfill there numerous Masonic obligations.  The Sioux City Scottish Rite Building Preservation Corporation was formed to maintain and enhance Masonic tradition in this valley and preserve it for future generations.

The Scottish Rite Center is the apogee of structures serving the fraternity in this valley.  It is a paramount meeting place that extends far beyond two reunions every year.  The building’s use continues to increase with the education nights, degree readings, receptions, numerous outreach programs, meeting facilities and dinners not to mention the addition of the new nationally renowned James and Cynthia Hayes Masonic Gallery.  The center also serves as one of the ultimate examples of “Prairie School Architecture” in America today and has been added to the National Register of Historic Places.  Architects have examined the building and determined that it is sound and has a strong useful life if well maintained.  Aside from the elevator addition in 1988, the last major addition and renovation to the structure was in 1955.

Ninety nine percent of the outlying membership voted in 1925 to support such a facility because “…it was their building.  It did not belong to one specific lodge.”  They felt welcome here and that environment has continued throughout the decades.  Speaking from experience, I share those sentiments and sincerely appreciate the warmth and sense of belonging that I feel when I am in this magnificent facility.

We have recently replace the boilers, the roof, added a fence, resurfaced the parking lot and repaired places where moisture seeped into the walls.  There steps were absolutely necessary to preserve and maintain the building.

We now need to replace windows, refurbish the dining room, game room, and add air conditioning.  Our goal is to raise $3,500,000.  This is the hour.  This is the place.

The membership tide is rising and for Masonry to prosper, we need your assistance.  Our forefathers made sure there was such a facility available to use, now it is our turn to extend that gesture to future brethren.  Our present endowment fund will never sustain the current needs.  We are asking for your generous support today so that we can be there when new Masons ask to join tomorrow.