hightwelveWhy the Name High Twelve?

It is the hour when we turn from labor to refreshment, in the glory of the day.

Who is eligible?

Any Master Mason in good standing and recommended by a member of High Twelve.

What are the Dues?

Initiation fee is $5.00. The annual dues are $20.00.

What Happens at the Meetings?

Excellent Luncheons are served. Outstanding programs and speakers. Food, Friendship, and Fun.

Are There Other Obligations?

Unlike many luncheon clubs, there are no fines, no ‘pressures,’ no obligations of attendance. High Twelvians come together because they like being together.

What is the Project Fund?

This fund is our money raiser for charity. Each year we contribute to several organizations around the city. And each year we provide funds for a scholarship to a Siouxland recipient.

What is the Main Purpose of High Twelve?

To promote Masonry in general and to provide a place of deepening bonds of friendship.

To make us better Masons and better citizens by varied programs and speakers who broaden our vision.

What if I should Like to Join?

Contact any member or the secretary at morningside615@gmail.com

They will be glad to invite you as a guest or would be happy to receive your application (Download).

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